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Where I've Been

Conversation that took place on Sunday morning at the end of the Backwards P route:

Me: Laser, straight to the corner...good corner! Oh, good boy.
Jodi (from behind me): Nice job, Caitlin; only one block left to go.
Me: Yeah, thanks. He did well today, really, really, well.
Jodi: Yes. Didn't bump you in to one thing, did he?
Me: Grazed the bushes with my right arm, but it wasn't anything at all.
Jodi: Yeah, I was behind you for that. I saw it; he couldn't have gone any farther on the sidewalk without pulling you out in to the street. It was done very well on his part.
Me: Wow; I didn't know that.
Jodi: Yup. He was a guide dog today.
Me (softly): Yes, he was a guide dog today.
(We cross the street safely and board the bus.)

I have so many stories. I'm graduating today and I'm so sorry that I never kept up with this. My emotions have jumped to so high to so insanely low over these past three and a half weeks. I'm exhausted more often than not, and when I'm not exhausted I'm bonding with a dog or a classmate, so I suck at updating. When we get home it'll be easier, let's hope. I'm so sorry that I let all of you down.

Laser is a good dog. He's 83.5 pounds (heaviest dog in the class) and he was born on January 18, 2005. He's one of four labs on class, who are all related; Laser, Nat II, Andy, and Maija (pronounced Maya). He's a good dog and I love him immensely. It took a while; I was so afraid to love him quickly like I'd done for Kiki. I couldn't bare having another dog switch, so I was slow to love him. But, today, Laser and I are graduating and there will be no dog switch. So my love for him overflows.

We will be great. We will be a team. No, we're not perfect now; far from it. He doesn't always listen and more often than not I do something wrong to mess him up. But we're working on it. He likes me enough to guide me around things now and genuinely seems to care if I smack my arm/shoulder/face in to a pole/tree/sign. He cares, I care. That should be enough to pull us through.

I gave Laser a middle name. Tybalt, as in Romeo and Juliet. Laser Tybalt Lynch. Tybalt means "he who sees" in Latin. It's perfect. I don't regret any of this in the slightest.

Caitlin&Laser: The brightness is boundless.
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