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News, or the like

I have my laptop back, which you all never knew was broken in the first place since the computer downstairs decided it'd be a little fucking something and never posted it. And it explained everything. But, by that time, I was too tired to type it all out again and LJ, like a fucking something, didn't save my entry. I'm so done with that story. I'm also too tired, physically and emotionally, for this right now, either.

Kiki left today.

Introducing; Laser. (Or "Louie" on Day 1 when we did obedience with him in the Gathering room.) He's a huge yellow lab who loves to wag his tail and give me slobbery kisses all over. And, yes, I do mean *all* over.

I don't really want to talk about what happened today with Kiki and all. So, please, don't ask about it. Jodi told me I could go to the Bereavement lecture that Kim was giving for Harvey, Joe, and Sally (our weekend-arriving retrains) but I didn't want to. Because it was today and I didn't want to think about it. And I don't, now, so I'm leaving.

P.S.: Jodi Myers gives the best hugs in the universe.
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