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Why I've so kindly disappeared

I know that I haven't been around all too much lately, for which I profusely apologize for. It doesn't strike me as I'll be around much, though, since I did a bad thing. I busted up Liana real bad the other day. I had <lj user='squonk">s flowers next to my laptop, Lina, because Barb said leaving them on the lfoor would potentially entertain Kiki and make her eat them. So she moved them next to the computer desk, and yesterday I bumped the desk with my hip, and the water in them spilled. I picked up little Liana quite quickly, but DSad thinks that some water may have gotten in to her. So today, when he and Meg came to visit Kiki and I, he took Liana back home. Hopefully, she is OK. Because, I love her and she is gorgeous and laptopish and I hate this GDF computer. It will not allow me to check my email, because "cookies" aren't enabled in the browser, and I do not want to enable them or mess anything up or whatnot.\ So, about my cenine...; She's good. I don't honestly know what to say, though. Jodi says she needs to pick up her pace and her initiave, or else I might not be so well off. I don't want to talk about it, though, because it just makes me sad. She's not one of those dogs that noticably loves to work, I don't think. I'm not sure. I'm in a mood, or something. I love her, and I just want us to be fantastic together. As I said, myabe my expectations are freaksihly high. I don't know. Once again, I don't want to discuss it really. \ She finds doors wonderfully, and refuses steps like no other. Her recall (when she comes to me form a distance) is fantastic, too. But I wish she'd pick up her pace in harness and not be so nosy or windowshoppy or whatever. Jodi said that when Kiki first came in for training, she'd done the same thing, and Jodi thinks she'll soon break the habit. I certainly hope so. I'm enough of a 2-year-old that I feel the need for someone to tell me that I'm doing this right. I think that Nancy, Cora, or Al certainly would. But my inadequacy of still not being comfortable enought with myself or in my own skin prevents me from inquiring. And, yes, this is supposed to be about my dog, not about why I am mentally screwed up. Just thought that I would share, or something.\ Basically, I love my dog. She walks slowly, gets overheated, sleeps a lot, likes to lick my ears, archs her tail like a black cat might, and think her hairbrush is a completely delictable food item. All of these things, I love. I love her smell, too. I love how her harness sounds and the freedom that I feel when she finds me a seat or refuses to walk down a flight of stairs until she knows that I know that I am there. The other day, there was a sign in the middle of the sidewalk. Jodi told me about it, and Kiki stopped, and smacked my hand with her nose. It was nice. There was a polin spring bottle in the middl,e of the sidewalk, which we could have walked over. But Keek stopped; so I would know it was there. And I didn't die. Nor did I die at any curb or get lost or anything. And those thoughts consume me when I worry. And those thoughts, thus far, are the ones that tell me this was a good idea and this was right and this what I should do. She's lying under my chair now. She was sleeping, but I think that's over with. David and Benny just walked up the stairs from the Groom Room that are adjacent to the computer room, so I surmise she heard their feet. She's very clever, when she's not window shopping or being nosey or flirting with Taxi, Benny, Andy, or Dot. Yes, my dog I just broke the computer, yes. This computer keyboard is no fun. I haven't started hating anyone yet, which is nice. People occasionally get on my nerves, but I manage, somehow.\ My brain is being sticky so I suppose I'll close this. I am very sorry that I missed so many days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And a bit of today. Tomorrow morning we're going in to Patchogue to do the same route that we did today. After lunch, we have the rest of the day off. Someone come and visit me?\ I think Phil and I are going to watch Scent of a Woman after break. Haven't seen that movie and I heard that it was good, so maybe I should go see if his visitor left and ask him if he wants to do that. Also, we should get upstairs so I can hear Donna call break. This would be one Caitlin, and one Kiki, signing out. Hope everyone is well and that you wear your seatbelts on the highway.flirts with other bitches. Food is good. Becds are comfortable
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