Caitlin (lilmizmombassa) wrote in caitsdogjournal,

Day 3- Dog Day

Here are all the dogs on my class:

Al received a male yellow lab named Andy.
Cora received a black lab/golden retriever cross named Sammy.
David received a golden retriever named Benny.
Nancy received a black lab/poodle cross (female) named Dot.
Phil received a male yellow lab/golden retriever cross named joke, Taxi.



received a yellow lab/golden retriever cross, female, named Kiki. Kiki likes sleeping. She also likes to have her ears stroked. Her coat is very similar to that of a labs, except for her hind legs and tail where the coarse hair feathers like that of a golden retriever. Her ears are floppy and silky, they're a dark, coppery color. Her nose is jet black, like her eyes. Her snout is a darker yellow, almost golden. The rest of her is a yellowy cream color, fluctuating light and dark. She is beautiful.

I hope that it works out. She's very sweet.

When I first got her, she liked my forearm, and then crawled in between the space of my legs and my bed. *Insert awww here*

Kiki is now on tie-down and asleep, and I am now late for dinner. That is all.
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