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Day 1 - The Arrival

I'm here. I'm alive. I'm happy. And, I'm exhausted. I'm also, probably, making a significantly large amount of noise at this verry minute, but screw that.

I finally did fall asleep somewhere between 4:45 and 5 this morning. Woke up at ten; showered, shaved, dressed; a process which took me a remarkable two hours. I didn't eat much, because I was nervous.

Mom and Dad and I got here at about 1:15, and Phil was already here. Barb let us in. She showed me my room, and the rents and I got down to the business of unpacking all of my belongings. There are ample amounts of storage in this here room. I have a double bed, a nightstand, a computer desk, a closet, an armoire (or however you spell it), Venician blinds, a sink, a toilet, and a shower. I also have a door, some keys and cards, and a container of Pringles.

After we unpacked, we met Barb in the hallway. Mom and Dad left, and Barb took me on a tour of the campus. This consisted of us walking around and her pointing out every single fire door in existance. Also, several "psh-pull fire thingies" were pointed out. We saw the Gathering Room, which echoes maddeningly a lot. (It also happens to be in the same hallway as my room.) We saw the Dingng Hall and my chair, we saw a fire exit, we saw the snack bar, the brailled soda machines, a fire exit, a pattio, the basement. I really like the Rec. Room that's in the basement (or cellar, because that's what they're calling it here). There's this plush carpetting, this super comfortable leather couch, a TV, more books than I could ever *dream* of reading, Braille maps of some of our routes, and descriptive videos. All of these things excite me. The Grooming Room contains two stationary exercise bikes, a treadmill, and low and high grooming benches. You can either stand while grooming the dog (having her/him stand on the grooming bench) or sit on the grooming bench yourself while the dog stands in front of you. There's a computer room in the basement, too, but since I've got Liana safely in my room, I won't be frequenting there all that often.

After the tours, we had dinner. The chef on duty tonight was David. We had spaghetti, meatballs, and strawberry cheesecake. After dinner, we had a lecture in the gorgeous and ultra-chic, Leather Lounge. We formally met our classmates; Nancy (Kansas), Cora (Oklahoma), Elveera (Georgia), Phil (New York) and me, Caitlin. Jody and Barb also formally introduced themselves. The lecture was about two hours, mostly because Jody went through a *huge* book of rules and regulations, and because we all had about 4582953 questions each. I hope that they're not annoyed by the fact that we all can't seem to shut up. In this class, Cora is the only retrain; she just retired her first dog, Trek. Nancy has had six dogs before this, but none from GDF. Elveera, Phil, and I are all newbies. David, the student who was being picked up from the airport late this evening, I know nothing about. Also, Saturday, we're getting the last member of our class, Henry. A retrain, Shanda tells me, I don't doubt her. There are two students that may join our class later this week, because they have "extenuating circumstances". This all depends on dogs that we individually receive, though.

Tomorrow is seven o'clock. Breakfast at 8; lecture; short-handle walks. Also, entrance interviews, and meeting this elusive David person. I'd like to thank squonk for christening my room phone.

But, now, ladies and gents, it's time for me to retire to my bed. Good night and good dreams.
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