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Where are you, Sleep?

I went to bed after midnight. Not too far, about 12:15, after Meg and I got back from the movies. Attmped to sleep; no luck. Posted at my other journal, surfed around the 'net a bit, tried to sleep. No luck. Read, and finished, my book. Tried to sleep some more; absolutely, no, luck.

I'm so anxious right now. I can't focus on sleeping. There's so much nervous anticipation built up inside of me, that I need to be doing something. I need to be chasing my shadow across the wall; I need to be running the New York Marathon; I need to be at GDF. Nine hours never seemed so far away. I'm unsure if I'm more nervous or more excited.

Is it normal to be awake until all hours beforehand? Hate to say it, but I'm going to suffer for this lack in sleep tomorrow. Bed at 8:30, yeah, I think so. So, hopefully, the next time you all hear from me will be in my dorm room over there at GDF this afternoon/evening. That is, if I can fall asleep. Now that, folks, is the question of the day...
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