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First of all, I feel that it is my formal duty to congratulate a friend and a wonderful first-time handler. My friend caitlin45 was presented with her dog, Lancaster (aka Lannie), on Wednesday. You can read about their adventures over at caitlin_gdb. I don't feel badly promoting that community, as I know that Caitlin would approve of said promotion.

Things are going quite well on the GDF preparing front. Yesterday, while I was getting my Meningitis shot for college, someone from GDF called my house. She told my dad that the trainers in my class were definitely Jodi and Barb. In the original paperwork they sent to me, they asked that I arrive between one and four. The woman who spoke with my father said that they'd prefer it if I was there as close to one as possible. That won't be hard to pull off, as I live so close to the school. Mom and I are shooting for a 1:15 arrival time; which is pretty damn close to 1:00, if I do say so myself. Also, the nice lady told my dad that I'll be living in Room 126. She gave me my room phone number. I'd put it here, but I'm paranoid about stalkers. So, what I'm going to do is if you'd like my room phone number, please leave me a comment with your email address/aim name/house (or cell) number, and I will contact you with my room number at GDF. I have no problems giving it out, because I know you guys. The creepy people reading this won't be receiving said info.

Less than 48 hours till my arrival. I can barely sit still. I went up to Manhattanville today, and I saw some of the people that I'd met in May. They all asked about the dog and when I was going and how excited I was. Me being me, I told them that I was only mildly excited for Sunday to come. On the contrary, I can barely focus on anything else for more than 3.5 seconds. This just feels so completely right to me. It feels like I actually may have made a momentous decision and I may, actually, have it turn out OK, for once. That just means so much. At the back of my mind is that little voice reminding me not to be so quixotic; that there is a possibility that this won't work out. I realize and validate that, but I sure hope it doesn't happen.

I think that's all I wanted to write here for right now. Aside from saying, of course, that I haven't packed anything yet. And that I never did get around to writing out the list of things that I needed to bring. So, um, oops. (I'm so insanely eloquent.)

By any chance, is it Sunday yet?

Stay safe out there, kids.
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